Sunday, December 2, 2012

Hong Kong : Taste Supermarket at Tung chung and Wellcome

Yes. I love supermarkets when travelling. Large variety of snacks at reasonable price.
Even shopping at supermarket is fun.

Basement one of citygates outlet.
Love this super big supermarket. Lots of things to see and buy.
I enjoyed it more than the outlets shopping.
It usually cheaper than 7-11 and k-circle.
some of the sweets like ricola was much cheaper than Singapore price.
Can find a large variety of instant noodles, sweets, snacks, fruits and drinks.
Buy some to try it out and have fun.
Tried the salmon sushi because my friend told me hongkong salmon sushi is very nice. Definitely better standard than singapore supermarket sushi, on par with sakae.

Visited the wellcome supermarket near to my hotel. 
Look at the interesting flavours of chips, drinks, pretz and sweets.
bought some home to try. Some of them are from taste supermarket and 7-11 and k-circle.
Puccho is slightly cheaper than Singapore prices.
My students who had graduated will be quite sad.

Chunky kit kat in cookies and creams.
More Puccho. My students love them.

Fruits. The durians are quite expensive. 
Look at how beautiful their sandwiches and wraps are.

there is one supermarket I did not manage to visit, Parknshop.

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