Monday, December 3, 2012

Hongkong: food 蓮香樓 Lin Heung Tea House 強記飯店 Keung Kee Meat shop

Second visit because I just love their soup.
I took the tram from Admiralty, got down at tram stop 47E. All the tram lines except the red route can reach this place.
If you are taking the tram from causeway bay, westbound try, it will be tram stop 50W.
for those who need the tram map tram map
If you are feeling energetic, can walk over from times square. It is around 10 minutes.
The soup taste as fabulous as previously. The vegetables was very delicious too. However, the meat was a bit cold due to weather but they still taste good. For me, I love the roast pork and char siew but is a matter of personal preference.
The price is also quite good. We ordered 3 hk$64 set meals for 4 person who are average eater,  we came out feeling very full. Each meal consist of a big bowl of rice, a plate of vegetable, one soup and a plate of meat.
The total cost is aroud hk$200 for 4 person.

強記飯店 Keung Kee Meat shop

9-17 Tin Lok Lane, Hong KongWalk towards causeway bay, times square. There is a market there which sell fresh produces and seafood which are still very much alive.

Joy Hing Roasted Meat 再興燒臘飯店 Block C, G/F,265-267 Hennessy Road,Wan Chai灣仔軒尼詩道265-267號地下C座some people recommend this as an alternative as the meat is much better.

Decide to visit this traditional tea house at Central.
Did not encounter much problems navigating myself although it was raining.
I got off at Sheung Wan as the map shows that it is nearer to Sheung Wan, exited from E2.
In Hong kong, it is very common to share tables with strangers. Just find empty seats and get yourself seated.
They will give youa  card, something like Marche which they will put a stamp to keep track of what you have ordered. You can either go up to the person to the trolley and pick out what you want to eat or wait for them to come over. 
It is like those traditonal Hong kong tea house where they push their trolleys filled with dim sum and you can see locals enjoying their tea and dim sum.
I had difficulties in ordering food as they were super fast in their cantonese and when they try to show me what inside.  They are so fast that I cant even manage a glimpse. I am only so so with my cantonese.
Just took whatever make sense to me. Haha.
I had fun and it was quite interesting.
The food was not bad and the price was quite reasonable. 
It was around s$7 per person including tea.
There is a notice saying no tipping allowed as it may equate to bribery which is illegal.

蓮香樓 Lin Heung Tea House

Nearby is Chan Yee Jai 陈意斋, a street away. Famous for bird nest biscuit,雞仔餅, almond biscuit, egg biscuit, beancurd roll

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