Wednesday, December 5, 2012

hong kong : agnes b cafe

I actually have no intention of visiting agnes b cafe while in hong kong, just happen to pass by and they look so pretty. The one above is the one at causeway bay, times square.

 Then as I was walking to Lung Shing Pharmacy, pass by the one at K-11. Beautiful enough to make me walk in.

 The cakes look good but I just had breakfast.
Decide to order the the coffee. It is not that cheap but not that expensive either, around starbucks price and they do have some interesting drinks like rose flavoured, ginger flavoured or creme brulee flavoured cafe au lait.
I picked a safe but interesting choice, creme brulee. yummy.

 Beautiful coffee paper cup. 

They sell some agnes b tumbler, xmas gifts sets, chocolate and toy rabbits.

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