Saturday, March 1, 2014

Summary of Korea Busan : Free and easy Trip Itinenary

TRansport: Bus from Yeosu to Busan
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Accomodation: Funstay Inn

Busan food and eats: Food!!

 Places we visited:
We did not visit a lot of places as it was raining for one whole day. :(
Did some impromptu changes to our itinenary

Korean spa: Spaland

Shinsegae : Biggest shopping mall 

 Nampodong and Biff square: Nampodong and Biff square


Dongbaek Park,Haeundae Beach and Dongbaekseom Island

Chiangmai free and easy : Street food and restaurant food

We were walking to our travel agency, saw this small little stall with a sweet little couple selling rotee.
It is like prata, with special ingredients.
The chocolate banana should be the most popular one.
Quite yummy.
This can be found at the night market too.

This is the famous Ping Ping SEafood restaurant at Anusarn Night Market.
Will not really recommend this. Not really authentic Thai food to me. The price was average, cost 1050 baht for the 6 dishes. The tom yam soup has a very strong taste of the spices that we did not drink it at all.
The chicken was too dry.
It is a popular restaurant for tour guides to bring loads of tourists.

The night market has stalls selling snacks, sweets and ice cream.

 They poured the actual fruits in and just blended.
Healthy food juices to keep us in best conditions during our trip.

7-11 and other convenience stalls are all around. Some are for breakfast and some is for me to snack during long sightseeing trips.

 Burger King breakfast.

Khao Soi (Egg Noodle Curry) and Satay and Papaya salad
I love the noodles, not too spicy and two different texture of noodles (one fried).
I ate the chicken version but I heard there is the seafood version.
My tour guide bought me to this stall, no idea how to get there but the place looks very clean.
I love their satay too because it pure meat, I don't really like Singapore satay at times as there are too much fats.

Cafe at Chiangmai University


We followed some guides and went to a food court near our hotel.
My advice is don't go there. I think is inside Kalare night market.
The food looks like they have been on displayed forever, does not look fresh. My pad thai looks it is soaked in oil and it is not really cheap, one plate is like a few Singapore dollars

Dustin D2 organised a night bazaar just outside the hotel.
Sell delicious and clean street food. There are grilled squid and satay.
The small white dish in the middle photo is crispy fried chicken wings, not sure what is called but I know is delicious

Because the food at the food court was too horrible to be eaten. We went in search of another restuarant, not sure is because the previous food was too horrible. 
The food here is very tasty and is only a few dollars more expenisve than the food court. 
The walls are filled with scribblings of past patrons.
The good thing about this place is that they let you decide what to go into your curry or noodles so if you don't want all the extra frills, you can just don't ask for it.

We had macdonalds as we were quite in a hurry to go to the airport and it is different from Singapore. We had fried chicken and something that looks like Zinger. Not bad.  Between, there seems to be no KFC at chiangmai.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Chiangmai free and easy :Maesa Elephant camp

Maesa Elephant camp. 
We choose this camp as it was the nearest, just need a half day.
We booked from the same agency at 800 baht per person.
However, we joined a group this time as there is not a need for a personal guide at the elephant camp as everything is quite simple.
1.our tour guide brought us to ride the elephant. The elephant rider will help you take a photo with the elephant midway through the ride.
There are photos taken by them on sale after the ride too.
I think is around s$10.
2. After we were bought to see some elephants, you can take photos and interact with the elephants and also buy bananas to feed them.
3. We watched the elephant bathe.
4. Elephant show.

Then the half day tour end. For any interaction with the elephant, taking photos. It was recommended to give around 20 baht tips. Bring some snacks and drinks along.