Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Chiangmai free and easy :Maesa Elephant camp

Maesa Elephant camp. 
We choose this camp as it was the nearest, just need a half day.
We booked from the same agency at 800 baht per person.
However, we joined a group this time as there is not a need for a personal guide at the elephant camp as everything is quite simple.
1.our tour guide brought us to ride the elephant. The elephant rider will help you take a photo with the elephant midway through the ride.
There are photos taken by them on sale after the ride too.
I think is around s$10.
2. After we were bought to see some elephants, you can take photos and interact with the elephants and also buy bananas to feed them.
3. We watched the elephant bathe.
4. Elephant show.

Then the half day tour end. For any interaction with the elephant, taking photos. It was recommended to give around 20 baht tips. Bring some snacks and drinks along.

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