Friday, September 6, 2013

korean busan free and easy: taejongdae park

The operation time and price of the tram tickets.
I did not manage to take the bus as I was there quite early in the morning..
Intent to catch the sunrise but it was raining yesterday and weather reports said that there are haze.
Be prepared to walk a lot if you are not talking the tram.
My phone estimated we walked around 15km..
Good morning exercise, take a good breakfast before you start on the long walk.
Wear good walking shoes.
Recommended you to go around sunrise or sunset because I did saw some fantastic photos by other bloggers.
Enjoy the fresh air and nice scenery.

Still hazy

free stamp

There is a steep and a gentle path.
We only saw the direction for the gentle path after we finish the steep path!!!

Singapore Eats : ARbite

Meetup with some ex students for brunch or maybe lunch..
was not very crowded at lunch.
I ordered the chicken, which was tender and juicy. 
My student's breakfast serving seems quite big and they did enjoy their breakfast. It was quite worth it too, at around $15.
The dessert which was mango meringue was just normal.. 

The interiors is simple and comfortable.
Good place for a good chat with friends

Address: 66A Serangoon Garden way
Is located at the row of shophouse where HSBC is located.
Opposite the bus stop.
The restuarant is located at the second floor so look out for the small door which lead you to the restaurant.