Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Korea free and easy : Suncheon city bus tour

We took a train from yeosu expo, where we are staying to suncheon.
Interesting train station

We reached suncheon early, around 730am.
There were too many version of  the timing of the tours online.
And even when we message kto, they just provided us with a link to the tour.
If you there early, can have your breakfast as there is a paris baguette and 7-11 over there. Most shops are not opened except for some random grocery shops.

The tour starts around 9am. 
Just turn right to the vistor centre to registered.
There is a staff at the center that can speak English but not too well.
The bus is quite comfortable.
The tour guide on the bus does not speak English so we just read whatever signs are available and walk around on our own while she is explaining things to other members of the tour groups in Korean.
She was quite apologetic that she could not speak English.
We did not have much expectation, hence we were not disappointed.
I find the tour quite worth it as it is not expensive.
Entrances fees to attraction included.
The tour end around noon, bring your own snacks and drinks.

Suncheon film set. Numberous shows are filmed here.We walked around here for around an hour.
The house are unique and interesting. Nostalgic feel. Something I did not get to see in Seoul or other parts of Korea.
The wild flowers are pretty.

Nakan Eupseong Folk Village
Fortress built years ago.
There are still locals living there. We did see locals going about with their daily chores.
There are english signboards around which is good as we don't understand a single word of Korean.
There is ample time to explore the fortress.
The bus ride takes around 1 hour, so be mentally prepared for the ride.


Try your hand at traditional Korean games.. we did

outdoor napping.. teamwork

Try you hand at games or the torture methods?
Trying out the traditional korean wedding?

Climb up the stairs and walk along the path for a better view of the fortress and its surroundings..
It feels good to take a break from city life