Thursday, November 22, 2012

Bangkok free and easy: Yaowarat Chinatown (best place to shop for accessories)

Chinatown or Yaowarat is different in the morning and night.
Morning=shopping heaven
Night=food heaven

Just tell the taxi driver Yaowarat or chinatown.
Main thing to get here is accessories. bags, hair accessories, earrings, necklaces, cases.
Is cheaper to buy in bulk.
The accessories price when bought in bulk can be half price or even cheaper compared to singapore prices.

We dropped off somewhere around here and start looking for the shopping street. It is quite easy to spot as you can see rows of accessories and bags and dried goods.
They sell a lot of snacks, can buy home as souvenirs. Lot of similar stalls claiming that they are authentic. I have no idea which one is authentic.

Poor little bear.

Save the bear
Soft toys on sale

Hello Kitty Fans

Roadside stalls. Try at you own risk.
Hair accessories
More hair accessories
BAGs. Medium size are around 200baht.

Accessories? Haha, cartier!
Handphone dust stopper and case

Bird on your hair?
more hair accessories, hats and skirts

my loots

my loots


Jonathan Tee said...

hello can i know what time did you go to yaowarat ?

AuntiEtoE said...

I think around 10 in the morning.
I am not very sure what time the shop closes

Sheryl said...

hi there,
is the hair accessories and other accessories cheaper than in chatuchak??

AuntiEtoE said...

It should be cheaper as you can buy in bulk, in dozen.
If you are just getting one or two, it should not be cheaper
However, chatuchak's accessories are more interesting at times.