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Korea Seoul free and easy: Itinenary & Summary


Transport from Airport is quite easy.
There are choices of buses or Korail
Information are available at
Is good to take the Korail if your hotel is near to station, if there is a need to change to subway or taxi. It may slightly more inconvenient. You have to take care of your luggages and drag them around although there are escalators around.
Buses have more stops so is convenient if you stay near one of the bus stops. However, there are limited luggage spaces and seats. If you are taking the bus to airport, do leave early.
Three ways to travel from states to states are by air, bus or train.
I tried taking the bus from Yeosu to Busan. It was comfortable with lots of leg space, a toilet break in between. The luggages are stored in the luggage compartment.
For the train ride, luggages are stored at another carriage so if you are worried about the luggages, ask for a seat at the back of the carriage, they have some spaces for the chair to lean backwards. Can used it to store luggages.
By air, is usually to jeju. For domestic flight, just have to be there one hour before the flight.
My blog post on Transport.
For travelling within seoul, the subway is good.
Get the T-money from any subway station, it works like an ezlink card which is very convenient.
There are two version of T-money, one is the card version, the other is a small card around 3cm by 1cm which you can hang on your handphone, camera or bag. I prefer the second version. Both version cost the same.

 3 ways of getting wifi
1. Get a hotel with free wifi or visit cafes as they usually provide free wifi
2. REnt the wifi egg which allowed a 2-10 people to access at the same time. More information, please read my blog post.
3. Buy the 3g sim card.
Can buy and pick it up airport or other location for free or pay to have it to deliver to hotel room.
For those who are following package tour, they can order and have it shipped to Singapore. However, the shipping cost is not cheap. It is around s$20. For 1 GB data sim, it will cost around s$50. Extra charges for nano sim. The delivery is very fast, around 2-3 working days.

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Hotels I stayed in

City inn and dongdaemun
skypark Hotel

Itinernary FRee and easy Shopping and sightseeing

Day 1:

1. GyeongbokGung 
Perfect place for a morning to catch the guards changing and follow one of their free. When it gets too hot and crowded around noon, can just leave and find a place for a nice lunch. Can try the ginseng chicken at the famousTosokchon. Then go back for a short break.
My blog post on GyeongbokGung

2. SEoul Tower
Best time to visit there will be around 1-2 hour before sunset around late afternoon, timing will differ in summer and winter. Will be able to enjoy seoul in both daytime and nighttime.
My blog post Seoul Tower
3. Myeongdong
   Walking distance from the cable station. Can go for a nice dinner and shopping.
Myeongdong is more alive at night with stalls with snacks and shopping.
my blog post on Myeongdong

Day 2
1. Deoksugung palace and Changdeokgung
Morning for sightseeing. Can skip Deoksugung if there is not enough time.
deoksugung palace and Changdeokgung Palace

2. Insadong
    Near to Changdeokgung. Drop by for a lunch and some traditional tea and shopping.
first post on Insadong
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3. Dongdaemun
Go back to hotel before heading to Dongdaemun for some late night shopping
my blog post on dongdaemun

Day 3
1. Nandaemun
After the late night shopping, start the day later.
Nandaemun start operating around 10 to 11am.
my blog post on Nandaemun

2. Supermarket at Seoul Station
Just a station away. STock up korean snacks and food..

3. Ehwa women's university
Chill out a cafe. shop or try out the snacks at the roadside stall or visit the university.

Day 4
1. Kwang jang market
After days, should be too tired to wake up early.
Have a branch at Kwang jang market and a stroll at Cheonggyecheon Stream
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2. Hongdae
Hongdae, try to visit it during a weekend. and same as ehwa, shop, eat and chill out at a cafe.
Hongdae trick eye museum

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