Monday, September 24, 2012

London free and easy: Free walking tour, high tea and catch a play

 We arrived at the airport at around 9am in the morning. We took the tube to train station and got off at Leichester station and walk to our apartment. It was easy to locate the train station with the sign boards
Our tour start at 12 noon, we had to make do with a sandwich from subway. There were different sandwiches like tandoori chicken and also selling dougnuts. The variety of vegetables differ slightly too, they have corns and carrots.

 free walking tour, tips encourage.
I think is polite to give a bit of tips even though you are on budget. Almost everyone give tips. 
Someone just refuse to give tips, so she did not dare approach the tour guide for information and keep pestering us for information. We had none as it is our first time in London too. In the end, we give her one of our maps.
It is quite good. I visited a lot of places and picked up information. We went for a night tour with the exact same route by ourselves. It was beautiful seeing big ben and the London eye at night. 
Our guide of the day Doron.
We covered a lot of places...

Our tour guide pointing out the horse traffic light for the carriages.

 Buckingham palace

 I think this is the green park. Was not paying attention at times as it was too hot and sunny

The cute little red soldiers with fur hat.... 

The hat is too big for him..

 Trafalgar square

Admiralty Arch

   Big Ben

 St Margaret's Church

Atter the tiring walking tour, it lasted for more than 2 hours. We went for high tea. We made a reservation online before we flew to London. We thought it was a good way to rest after the walk. The high tea was one of the cheapest around. The food was not fantastic but it was good. Good selection of tea and food.
However, we did feel sad that we had to go for high tea when we were tired and sweaty.
Tiger Green Brasserie at Hilton Green Park Hotel.
 cute man.

Chicago, singing in the rain.. Theatre located near our apartment. We watched dreamcoats and petticoats as it has one of the cheapest ticket. It was a bit boring especially for the first half and due to the time difference. 3 of us could not keep our eyes open. It was like 4am singapore time while we were watching the show. It was a good experience.

There was great scenery at the bridge beside our theatre

Walking back to our apartment after the show.

Hmm.. One is a toilet...

One tiring day, we did not even had energy for supper.