Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Korea free and easy : Portable Wifi egg rental LG u+

I chose LG u+ as it was recommended on forum as the cheapest and value for money.
Lg allows wifi hot spot for up to 10 users. Therefore, is good if there is a group of friends travelling together.
Some of the other operators only allowed up to 3 users.
LG u+ cost 8000 won per day and 5000 won per day for rental of more than 5 days.
Wifi egg is card size but thicker, maybe 0.5cm? Quite compact.
REntal at 1st floor : Arrival Hall between gate 9 and 10 ( 0600-2200) or between gate 5 and 6 (24 hours)
Return 3rd floor: Departure Hall  Counter AB, E, F and M.

Other wifi egg rental operators, prices range from 8000 won onwards and discount are usually given for long term rental. However, there is a need to make a reservation online. They are at the arrival hall too.
kt rental olleh

Operators above also provide phone rental for those who prefer a private 3g service. You do not need to request your friend to switch on the wifi hotspot everytime you need to use.

The price of other companies can be cheaper. 
There was a promotion from mid May to end June 2013 which make other operators relatively cheaper. However, I did not see this information on their website and Korean Tourism board only posted it online at around end of May. I had already rented wifi egg from LG.

For some operators, prices quote does not include the 10% vat tax. A  200000-300000 won deposit is needed for rental. You can use your credit card to pay the deposit. 

The wifi egg  charges with the mini usb cable. The charger provided can be used to charge most of samsung and htc phone. Battery life around 6-8 hours for the wifi egg. To me, it is more than enough as I do not like to spend too much time online when I am travelling. Just for research, on train rides and replying to important messages and mails.

There is another operator , Evergreen, is a prepaid sim service with 3g internet. I was interested in renting this at first as it is the cheapest.
However, the shop only opened at 7/8am and I had to catch a train to Yeosu.
You have to bring an extra hp for the korean sim if you do not want to miss any calls from your singapore sim. I am not sure about wifi hotspot for the phone.
evergreen is also quite active on facebook. You can message them in English and they reply to questions in English. 
You can now order evergreen sim online and pick up at various location including at seoul airport for free.
If you are following a package tour and have no time to pick it up, they can mail it to your singapore address but at a cost. The sim and the shipping will add up to around $50. Nano sim will cost slightly more.
Shipping is fast, takes around 2-3 working days.

Make sure you are able to access the internet before leaving the counter. It is harder to find help outside the airport. and take down the number of the customer helpline.

If you are just travelling in Seoul, internet is available at cafe and hotel. It may not be necessary to rent a wifi egg. However, is good for doing researching and surfing the net on long train journey or when you are lost. At restuarants and cafes with password, just ask them for it. They are quite willing to provide customers with the password.


Nur Atiqah said...

Hello, is it possible to rent the LG U+ wifi egg before I reach korea? or can I just rent it on the spot when I reach the airport?

Hope to receive a quick reply!


AuntiEtoE said...


I don't think can rent before you reach korea. just rent on the spot.


Cheap 1300 number said...

Portable wifi is indeed very important.

Anonymous said...

Hi MizzToe!

May I know if renting LG u+ egg on the spot still applies today? Because I'm thinking of not making online reservation prior to my travel. :)


AuntiEtoE said...

I think it still applies today but I read somewhere that it can be out of stock so is better to make a reservation from another company in case it goes out of stock.


Rich said...

Try Super fast LTE router is only $3.49 per day. WiFi-Korea is located at the heart of Seoul and delivery service is also available.

Anonymous said...

Seriously checkout

I've been there, I've used their router.

It was only 2.99 USD but worked superb.

Anonymous said...


Which provider have the best egg wifi coverage ?

AuntiEtoE said...


I have no idea but from what I read, coverage is quite good for all the wifi so I just choose based on cost. To me, wifi is working well even when i visited other towns or I am travelling on the train.

cherry paycana said...

How to use egg wifi? I bought one but i dont know why i am connected already yet no internet access is coming in

AuntiEtoE said...

On your mobile phone device and search for the wifi egg id.
If not, call the customer hotline for help.

Sarwar Khan said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I have made an online reservation for LG U+ but decided not to use it anymore. I couldn't find a way to cancel my reservation. Do you have any idea how do I cancel my reservation? Or do I need to cancel it?

Nguyễn Quỳnh said...

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