Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bangkok free and easy : CAfe hopping Peony TEa house

Was looking for a different cafe to try out instead of the usual after you cafe or the high tea at erwan.
Found this nice little tea shop and is location is good too.
It is accessible. Just take the train to silom bts at silom complex is just beside it. Silom complex is linked to the train station  via the bridge if I am not wrong.
Peony tea house is just opposite after you cafe and on the right when you walk into silom complex through the bridge. It is good if you are a person who like to take the taxi or worries about venturing into weird areas.

Large variety of tea available.
Even frappucinno. 
A good place to chill and relax after a day of walking and shopping.

Brownie and Ice cream set.
Brownie taste yummy and very chocolate

The high tea set costing 180baht. Quite worth it as it is just nice for 2 person.

The sandwiches stands out beceause the bread has been lightly toasted. I am not a fan of white bread.
Everything is delicious.

They also sell macaroons. I forgot the price but is less than 40 baht per piece.

I am quite happy I found this little cafe. 
It is not as popular so there is not a need to queue and the place is not as crowded.
Service is good. 
The food is good and a lot of genuine efforts has been put into it.
Drop by for a visit if you are there.
I will definitely go back to try out the other stuffs.
Free wifi too. Just ask for password

- Peony Tea Room: The Circle Ratchapruk call 02-863-8558
- Peony Teafé and Gallery: Saladaeng call 02-235-5369
- Peony Tea Lounge: Trinity Complex, Silom call 02-667-0136

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Bangkok free and easy : Cafe hopping : Audrey cafe and Bistro

Finally reached after a 10-15 minutes walk from Thong Lo BTS.
We used the GPS from our phone and it works.
Alternatively, you can just cab there but the weather was not bad and we like to stroll.
We walked in around 5 plus, the place was empty.
Maybe one reason is that it was the first day of military rule.
On the other hand, if you visiting it later in the evening as I read about it long queue.
May consider making a reservation

The menu

Very nice interiors with nice looking menu

Scone selection: We did not try it but i looks good.

A beautiful photogenic restaurant.

Thai tea.
Can't remember much. 
Should be average

This is above average.
It is Tom Yam suki, means is like Tom Yam with noodles.
If you like Tom Yam, give it a try

Pizza Tom Yum Kung
Very popular, read about it on blogs.
BEst dish of the day. Taste very good.
Not too much flour and each piece has ample seafoods and the Tom Yam really give it a punch.
Will want go back for just this.

CRab Souffle.
Most expensive and supposedly the best and most special dish of the restaurant.
We are supposed to poke open the souffle and poured in the crab sauce.
At first, it taste real good but it gets a bit sickening at the end.
Recommend if you are sharing with friends or you just love egg whites.

Nice cakes and they have discount for the cakes. Too bad, we were too full.

Tried another of their specialty. Thai Milk Tea crepe cake.
Let just say is slightly above average.

The bill.
The pricing is quite reasonable but the main cost is the crab souffle so if you forego it, this place is quite cheap for a meal with slightly above average food and a nice environment which you can take really nice photos or have a romantic/ relaxing meal
Free wifi too. Just ask for password

136/3 Thonglor Soi 11 | Khlongtoei Nuea , Wattana, Bangkok, Thailand