Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bangkok free and easy : CAfe hopping Peony TEa house

Was looking for a different cafe to try out instead of the usual after you cafe or the high tea at erwan.
Found this nice little tea shop and is location is good too.
It is accessible. Just take the train to silom bts at silom complex is just beside it. Silom complex is linked to the train station  via the bridge if I am not wrong.
Peony tea house is just opposite after you cafe and on the right when you walk into silom complex through the bridge. It is good if you are a person who like to take the taxi or worries about venturing into weird areas.

Large variety of tea available.
Even frappucinno. 
A good place to chill and relax after a day of walking and shopping.

Brownie and Ice cream set.
Brownie taste yummy and very chocolate

The high tea set costing 180baht. Quite worth it as it is just nice for 2 person.

The sandwiches stands out beceause the bread has been lightly toasted. I am not a fan of white bread.
Everything is delicious.

They also sell macaroons. I forgot the price but is less than 40 baht per piece.

I am quite happy I found this little cafe. 
It is not as popular so there is not a need to queue and the place is not as crowded.
Service is good. 
The food is good and a lot of genuine efforts has been put into it.
Drop by for a visit if you are there.
I will definitely go back to try out the other stuffs.
Free wifi too. Just ask for password

- Peony Tea Room: The Circle Ratchapruk call 02-863-8558
- Peony Teafé and Gallery: Saladaeng call 02-235-5369
- Peony Tea Lounge: Trinity Complex, Silom call 02-667-0136

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