Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Korea free and easy : Busan Spa land Spaland

Took a train to Centum City STation, Busan City Line 2. We saw some nice sweet potato snacks at the train station. Looks good and taste good too.

The Spa is connected to Shinsegae. However, the shopping center does not open that early. Just walk around and look for the glass door that write Spaland as shown on top.

We visited before 8am as it was raining heavily since the the night before and we can't go sightseeing. It is a good place to spend a day. There are lots of rooms for you to explore.
Instructions / guide

1.  pay the entrance fee.
2. You will be give a key with a number to store your shoes.
3. you walk into the the locker place, remember to take your bathrobe( Is not a bathrobe, it is just a top and shorts) and towels
4. There is no changing room. Just change.
You can leave your undergarments on if you are not interested in the hot springs.
The sauna rooms are fully dressed in top and shorts.
5. You can entered each sauna room, sit or lie down. Sauna are unisex so you can visit even though you travelling with the opposite sex
6. People usually bathe after the saunas. Is a public bathe. If you are shy, just head back to your hotel for a quick bathe before going to your next location.
If you are not, just bathe there. Hairdryers, combs and lotions are provided.
7. The notice outside sauna states that phones are not encourage in the sauna rooms as the phones may explode. Koreans are still using there phones inside the room. I just took my phone out when we decide to take a break from saunas and take some photos. When I am intending to stay inside the hot hot room, I store my phone inside the locker.
8. Pay for food or anything with the key. Will be charged at exit.

Taken from Korean Tourism board :
- 22 Bathtubs, 13 ‘Jjimjilbang,’ Open-air foot spa - Saunas: Finnish Sauna, Roman Sauna, Wave-Dream Room, Body Sauna Room, SEV Room, Roman Room, Hamam Room, Milky Bath, Steam Sauna, Open-air Spa, Pyramid Room, Balli Room, Yellow Earth Room, Hard Wood Charcoal Room, Salt Room, Dry Sauna, Ice Room, Attraction Pool
- Facilities: Relaxation Room, Esthetics, Nail Care, DVD Room, Restaurant, Café, etc. ( Payable)
Admission Fees
 Adults: 12,000 Won (Weekdays), 14,000 Won (Weekends)
 Before 8:00 am / After 9:00 pm: 7,000 Won (Weekdays), 9,000 Won (Weekends)

They have an board at the entrance in English.
Very useful for first timers like me.

The key, with the number. It can be worn as a braclet when you are at you sauna. 
The locker room. Tower and the attire given.

How hot can you go?

 I think overall it is a fun experience.
The first time I been to a Sauna and I was amazing energetic throughout the sauna visit although I was tired and I had not take my morning coffee. We challenged ourselves to stay inside one of the hottest room for the recommended time and then run to the ice room and back.

They sell the famous korean eggs and drinks.
We tried to crack it with our head, we were not successful.

the attire

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