Sunday, November 4, 2012

korea Free and easy (Jeju) : Seoul to Jeju

I visited Korea twice in 2010 and 2011, one was a trip with my friend and the second was to accompany my parents. Both free and easy.
Seoul Incheon airport
We saw 2pm
the airport has a service that you can mail a postcard home for free. We mailed it to ourselves and we found it in our mailbox when we came home from Korea,
drinks.. with secret garden lead actor and actress..
Chrysanthemaus display at Gimpo airport.
There are convenience stores and eateries at both airport for you to grab a bit if did not enjoy the food on the airplane.

Just follow the signs to take the train to Gimpo domestic airport . It was quite easy to navigate with all the signs. We had to buy a card (something like our ezlink card which I bought along for the trip).
Top and gdragon at the entrance of the gantry. :D 

Chrysanthemaus display at Gimpo airport.

We flew by eastarjet as it was cheapest and there are a lot of timings available.
book early for cheaper flights
Pretty and cute plane.

For Tae Gong Gak, we took the hotel Limousine. Just follow instructions by the owner.
For Yeha, just take a cab from the airport as it is located quite near to the airport.
shall compare the two guest house later.

 Some people prefer to sleep. I prefer to enjoy sceney and take photos during bus ride.

The place to take the bus for the return journey to Gimpo Airport

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