Thursday, November 8, 2012

korea Free and easy (Jeju) : Jeju food

Side dishes
Main dishes
A Korean restaurant beside Tae Gong Gak.
Authentic Korean food.  Recommended by Sylvia..
They have a staff who speak chinese.
We order sea urchin soup, fish and seafood soup and abalone porridge.
Delicious food. Yummy,

Side dishes

Side dishes: seafood soup, steam egg. We ordered the soju.

Bbq black pork as recommended by Tae gong Gak. Can ask Sylvia for help on what to order as we have to choose which part of the pork to order
Very delicious. The oil actually get filtered away.
There are side dishes like potato and mushrooms.
The staff are helpful although they do not know english. I think it is some sort of buffet.
Quite value for money. 
Feel good to eat such food in the cold weather and is ok to indulge once in a while in fatty food.

We ate at this restuarant as we told the taxi driver to bring us to a place which serve abalone porridge. The abalone porridge is ok to me but I just love their spicy seafood soup. Not too spicy and there are a lot of seafood.

Black Bean Noodle soup (jajangmyun)
Taxi driver brought us to eat this. A simple eatery.
Cheap and simple Korean food.
I need protein in my life so it is not very attractive to me.

Chinese restaurant recommended by Tae Gong Gak
Sylvia love the food here and this resturant is quite successful that it has branches.
However, I definitely taste much better chinese food.
The cute little girl was the highlight of the meal.

A cool little cafe to chill out recommended by Tae Gong Gak. Cool looking resturant with good tea and desserts.

We bought some snacks to eat during taxi rides.
Mochi with red beans
Korean persimmons, unlike those retailing in singapore, is soft and juicy. The skin is paper  thin.. I missed them :(
Bought abalone mushroom and cook them in the pantry

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