Monday, November 5, 2012

korea Free and easy (Jeju) : yeha and Tae Gong gak

Accommodations in Jeju. I stay in guest houses. I prefer the cozy environment which you can't find in hotel. and because the price is more economical.
Yeha Room
Yeha Information counter

Yeha Breakfast, Pantry and computer area

Yeha Guesthouse, stayed in November 2010.
It is located near to the airport and shopping district. Can take a taxi to the guest house.
The room was a bit small. 
The room has a electric heat blanket which keeps you warm when you are on the bed. So you will be freezing once you are out of bed, especially when you are bathing.
They have quite a big pantry. The people staying in the guest house are young and they have tours which you can join.
The bread and eggs are provided but have to cook it yourself. They have a stove and fully equipped kitchen.
The computer area can get a big crowded as there are a lot of people using it at night.

Tae Gong Gak is located one hour bus ride from Gimpo Airport.
The reception is filled with drawings and writings from previous customers. Is quite interesting to just stand there and read what people have written.
I preferably Tae Gong Gak so I stayed there in 2010 and when I revisited Jeju in 2011.
The merlion gift we brought for Sylvia, the owner of the guest house during our second visit. I left my cable in the guest house and she send it back to me in Singapore without requesting me to pay for anything. Wonderful lady.
She is a fantastic host, always there to answer our every single question.
She made detailed guides to each locations. For example, we wanted to eat Korean BBQ pork, she recommended us a restaurant and she gave us instructions through a series of photos of important things to look out for. She showed us how to get to supermarket, wet market and also the waterfall.It is so hard to get lose your way with such detailed instructions.
We booked a taxi tour with her because price is reasonable. The taxi tour is catered to each individual needs. As she have a collection of photos of various locations so I can actually choose and decide which are the sights I want to visit and she will liaise with the taxi driver.

Our rooms. The heating system is the traditional Korean style. The floor is heated up and the whole room feel warm and cosy.
There is slight difference in the design of this room but I do like the simple and elegant feel of the room.

The breakfast consist of cerals, breads, instant noodles and fresh fruits. There are various beverages available too.There is a TV, toaster and microwave.

The guesthouse has a small tangerine farm. If you visit it at the right time, you can harvest some tangerine for your personal enjoyment.

Just cross the road after you exit the guest house and you will see this pretty little bridge.

Beautiful Jeju..

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