Tuesday, April 29, 2014

SWitzerland free and easy : Zurich Accomodation

Switzerland has very high cost of living.
So my first instinct was to stay at apartment instead of a hotel or hostel, I can cook my own meals at times.
I heard of people eating cold bread because meals are too expensive. Not a fan of cold fan except sashimi.
A fast food meal in switzerland can set you back by s$15 to 20.
We were deciding between Zurich and interlaken as Interlaken is a popular base for most tourist.
After adding up the train hours for all the journey, we realise staying in Zurich is only around half an hour extra journey time and is more accessible to Germany which we were be visiting too.
Looking a apartment at the right place and location was not easy, this place cost around CHF771 for 3 nights. which fits our budget of around S$200 for night for 3 person. 
The room was spacious and very nicely decorated..
 Wifi is free and fast.
There is a dining table, lot of shelves to put your stuff, a big kitchen, hangers and a toilet. 
Lot of pillows at the bed too. The kitchen is fully equipped, it has lots of pots, pans and cutlery, kettle, 4 stoves and also an oven. 
Sometimes when we are tired, just buy a pizza from the supermarket and just throw it in the oven. We can cook our own meal with food from the supermarket and we did brought something over from Singapore. Haha.. I bought rice, maggi mee, some mushrooms, chinese soup herbal pack and canned chicken curry. Not just cold sandwiches and maggi mee. We do eat some of our meals at restaurants.
The negative is there are only 2 chairs so it is hard for 3 person to have a meal together. The bed is a queen size bed so is a better fit for two person . As we are 3 small girls, we fit quite well. The toilet is a bit too dark. Downstairs is a pub, you may hear some voices at night but usually we are too tired to bother and it feel safer when you know is not too quiet.
Staying in an apartment means you have to do the cleaning up.
The location is great, walking to it from train station is around 10 minutes, or just a tram stop away.
There are shops and restaurants and supermarket within walking distance, less than 5 minutes.
The owner was super nice, I was allowed to check in early as the person who stayed left early and as there is no one booking the apartment on the day we are leaving, we were allowed to stay till 4pm so we can spend lot more time exploring switzerland and not running back to hotel to check out.
Normal hotel usually do not allowed late check out. 

There is a washer and dryer too. 
The flat is located on 1st floor which means you have to climb a flight of stairs as first floor means 2nd floor in Singapore terms.

I will definitely stay here again or recommend people to stay here for people who do not want to spend too much on accommodation but too not want a place too old and shabby.
Location is good and we save quite a lot on meals because of the well equipped kitchen.

From the supermarket, just throw into oven and yummy..


His Little One... said...

Hi, can you recommend me what was the apartment you stayed at?

AuntiEtoE said...

Sorry for the late reply, here is the link