Thursday, October 17, 2013

Korea Seoul free and easy: Supermarket e mart and lotte mart

Visited emart for the first time.
There is not significant price difference between emart and lotte mart. Usually around 5 won.
There are two levels, they sell a lot of cute household stuffs

rice cake

Looks delicious..

If you are staying in an apartment, can buy lot of food to eat..
even have prepacked seafood soup.
and small abalone at $2 per piece..
Lotte mart at seoul station

What we bought.. 
Is a good place to buy cheap snacks and gifts for friends and families and colleagues..
and also to buy food and drinks for long day of sightseeing..

Remember to do your tax refund if you spend more than 30 000 won.
just go to the tax refund counter.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

singapore eats: black sheep cafe

The place is not very crowed even on a Friday night.
Good for a girls' night out or dating.
Located in a shopping mall at Thomson, quite accessible.
The staff are very attentive and friendly.
Their bread is very delicious.
warm and chewy.

Escargots with butter and garlic.
My first attempt at Escargots, a bit chewy.

Duck confit on Apple Roesti, Mango Relish
chicken in red wine, stuffed field mushrooms, puree potato

I ate the duck confit.. the skin is crisy and the meat is tender but slight chewy.
Not for you if you do not like to chew
My sister said her chicken in red wine is very tender.

Kahlua Souffle, double chocolate ice cream..
The waiter pour the cream in the souffle and then is ready to be consumed..
The chocolate ice cream is not very sweet but the Souffle is crispy and creamy.
I like the souffle especially the bitss with roasted brown sugar.