Thursday, September 26, 2013

Korea Seoul free & easy : Ewha woman's university shopping hair perming and food..

Started our day at Ewha woman's  university by looking for a simple cafe for a delicious breakfast.
A little cafe at a small little alley which Korean girls hang out.

Went to Cecica hair salon as recommended by some blogger.

3 different curls. Did not coloured our hair.
1st is just at the bottom few inches. middle start from the ear. and last is slightly more wavy.
When we walked into the salon, we choose a suitable hair style after discussion with the hair stylist in simple English from images on the computer.
Price is 162 000 won inclusive of perming, treatment and cut.
Although I like the outcome, I did not enjoy the experience..
My friends' hair stylists are attentive and gentle.
Mine hair stylist washed my hair like she was hand washing her dirty clothes, rubbing with so much strength.. it hurts a lot and I told her off after the second wash.
my heart just breaks at the thought of what she done to fragile hair.
My other hair stylist spent more time admiring herself in the mirror..
Will go korea again for perm as the curls are still there after 4 months and I do not have to curl it much at night. 

 Shopping at Ewha woman's university. The dresses are cheap at around 10000 won onwards..There are more expensive and better quality too. and I do like the facts that their dresses are suited for people taller than 160 cm. Sometimes, my loots from Bangkok just end around my butt.. Bags are also from 10000 won onwards and there are shops selling accessories at 1000 won onwards.. There are a lot of things available at the minimum price I stated. For me, I find Ewha shopping the cheapest. I bought one of the dress at 39 000 won, they quoted me 60000 won at dongdaemum and reduce to 40000+ won at their own initative.

We did not eat a proper lunch, but snacked out way through.
My favourite korean snacks, ate it on my previous trip, the chicken on skewers and the cup of chicken, rice cakes and potatoes..
The rice ball was recommended by some blog but I find it so so only.
Oreo and Choco.. nothing can go wrong for such a combination..


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