Tuesday, September 17, 2013

JUst eat Singapore : Siam Kitchen (Thai food) at nex

Ordered Tom Yam soup.
Yes, the bowl is half full...few seafood and mushroom inside.

Soft shell crab and curry. 


The food serving is not little but is not a lot either.
The food is consider good especially the chicken. Tender and flavoured
However, the service is not really up to standard.
Firstly, they serve us a bowl of rice and the tom yam soup after a 15 minute wait. 
We waited another 15 minutes but none of the food came. 
The soup turned cold and the rice became hard, we feedbacked to the manager and after another 10 minute.
we were ok waiting for our food, serving us partial of the food and leaving us there for another 10 minutes while the food turned cold is not really desirable.
They serve us our food and replace our soup.
Weirdly, the soup was hotter than when it was served for the first time.
I notice someone who placed her order 5 minutes before me and she was enjoying her dinner while I was waiting for my food to arrive.
Another table, the guy finished his dinner and his friend food arrived. In between, there was like a 10 min gap?
I was bored, waiting for my food to arrive so I was being kaypoh.
Seriously, if I eating with my friend in a restaurant. I want to eat together, not I eat first and then look at my friend eat and vice versa.
The restaurant was half full only.

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