Friday, October 31, 2014

SWitzerland free and easy: Things to do at Zurich LAke Boat Ride

 The pier. A beautiful sight. 
We took the short round trip
The boat ride usually cost chf 8.5, but is free for those with Zurich Card. Yes, my friends want to make full use of the Zurich card. I wanted to just another walking tour but it was two against one.
The whole boat ride took around 1.5 hours. There is indoor and outdoor sitting and also a small restaurant.
I think I choose the wrong timing to take the boat so I was not enjoying much of it.
Firstly, it is winter so is very cold and windy to sit outside. It is hard to get a good shot or enjoy the scenery without shivering. 
Secondly, we should not take the night cruise. It is so dark, we can't see the alps. We can only see lights and sometimes there was not much light.
The best timing to enjoy this boat ride should be somewhere around sunset where you can still see the alps and also enjoy the beautiful sunset and maybe a bit of the night lights.

To get to the pier at Biirkliplatz (trams 2, 5, 8, 9, 11)

Switzerland free and easy: Things to do at Zurich - Zurich National Museum

 I was a bit hesitant about visiting the museum. Thought it will be so boring. 
But our accomodation was only ready in an hour or two, so we decide to visit the museum which is just beside the train station. There was not much shopping at the station, and entrance was free so why not?
There is free storage of coats and luggage which is a good thing for us.
The exterior looks charming.

 A nice little carriage outside the museum

OUr tickets and the lockers. 
They have a storage room for big luggage, the lockers is for small bags and coats.
Normal price of tickets is chf10.
The place is much bigger than I expected, we spend one hour plus and we can't finish touring the place. The place is like a maze.
There is a variety of display from history, bank, watch and clothes. They try to present everything in a different way so it is just interesting to walk around. We were too tired to do much reading.
Worth dropping by for an hour or two.