Thursday, February 20, 2014

Summary of London Free and easy TRip Itinenary

Took a flight with a stopover as we wanted to fly back from another part of Europe. It is cheaper and also we like KLM services and lastly is only 2 hours more for the flight to London.

Most of the hotel were too expensive or too old or no Triple sharing available.
We booked an apartment.
It was at crowded district so it was not too quiet
It is walking distance between 2 stations, around 5 minutes walk from each.
We can walk to Chinatown and a lot of places of interest without taking the trains.
The only negative is no housekeeping, no lift (second floor), shower was not good and no one to ask for information.
Positive is we can always eat takeout which is much cheaper or cook our meals, lots of space and cheaper. FRee and good wifi.

DAy 1 : Check in, join free walking tour, went for high tea and then caught a play. It was tiring, we booked the walking tour online. The high tea too, chose one that is walking distance and also on promotion from The play was also booked online, just in case seats were sold out.
We were so tired that day because there is a time difference and when we were watching the play, it was 4am in Singapore that we keep dozing off.

Day 2 : Went to the supermarket to stock up on basic necessities, food for breakfast and dinner and some snacks. Since we booked the noon train to Bichester Village (factory outlet), we had time for fish and chips and also a small little tour in Chinatown. 
At night, we did visit M&M shop and we ordered take away from Four Seasons ( famous roasted duck).

Day 3 : Shopping at Oxford and Bond street. It is a very long stretch of road. I suggest that Primark should be first stop, as it will be easier to locate size and the store is not crowded and things are not in such a mess. Short queues for fitting rooms too.

DAy 4 : Did our own walking tour of  St Paul's Cathedral, Millennium Bridge, London bridge, Tower of London. Visited Borough market for yummy food.

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