Thursday, December 6, 2012

Hong Kong: Desserts 坤記糕品 Maxim Bakery

Passed by this shop while walking from 強記飯店 Keung Kee Meat shop to Times square.
Traditional Desserts. My mum said this is better as it is more solid and scrunchy.
It is at canal east road. After you cross the bridge, where people are holding slippers and helping you hit the little people in you life.

深水埗北河街,地鐵 B2 出口一出轉右就是
Sham Shui Po, Exit B2 turn right. Traditional food.
My first visit

Bought this from the bakery beside my hotel, Cityview.
It is like mochi skin with mango and cream inside. I like.

Another MAngo snack bought at bakery at Sham Shui Po.
MAngo at hong Kong taste good everywhere.

I am a fan of Maxim chiffon bread.
I will cart home a big bag of it every time I am there.
I like the texture.
This texture is soft and fluffy. I usually buy at the airport and hand carry it up the plane. Maxim confectionery is at the arrival hall.
Sadly, this time round, the shop ran out of this the bread. :(

My parents prefer to buy the wife's biscuit from local bakery as it is cheaper and also fresher.
They will go around and try out different bakeries around the neighbourhood where we are staying and buy from the one that suit their platter the most.
The variety definitely lose out to the famous brands as they only have the traditional flavour, packaging wise is also not as nice.
We brought our own boxes to pack the biscuits and then slot them in between our clothes in our big check-in luggages. Hand carry is possible too. We did not bring enough boxes, so I dropped by Jusco and bought a hk$12 big plastic box to store the biscuit.
Jusco living is a shop that sell almost everything at hk$12.
The good thing is you can choose the kind of biscuit you like, sweetness and texture. It is very cheap hk$5 for two and they are like palm-sized.
Should be able to keep them for a few days like normal pastries. My mum bought this to my relatives' houses and they love it too. And store them in the fridge and heat up if you are worried about keeping them out in the open in singapore hot and humid weather.

Wanted to go Tim Ho Wan for breakfast but it opened at 10am.
bought a rice roll with crispy you tiao and pork floss for breakfast at a shop near cityview.

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