Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hong kong free and easy : 花园街(Hua Yuen, flower street), 廟街(temple street

We had breakfast at Kam Wah, famous for their 菠蘿包 before heading to 花园街, flower street. It is just a 5 minutes walk from Kam Wah. Can enjoy looking at the colorful fish on the way to 花园街

There are lot of shoes shops behind the stalls. So don't just shop at the stalls. The shoes are usually selling shoes for around hk$100 and there is a big big variety. Shop around as prices may differ. The price is fixed. However, the biggest size is usually 39 or 40 so not a place for girls with big feet.

 Traditional Bakery. 
 It was a bit quite on the day I visited as it was raining. For anyone who needs a healthy dosage of fruits in their life, can buy from here,
Cute cups and notebooks.

RAiny and quiet morning.
I am not sure about the hours but it start usually in the late morning, around 11am and the shops and stalls close around 8pm.
There is not much bargaining at this place, just a few hong kong dollars off the item.

They erected this big gate at Temple street so you know when you reached.
Temple street is in between Yau Ma Tei and Jordan. It is just which side you want to start from.
A lot of open air eatery. We went to Hing Kee for claypot.
Temple street has a partion in the middle which you will need to cross a small garden and walk through a whole row of fortune tellers and people singing karaoke.

Some of the things selling at Temple street.

I visited 花园街(Hua Yuen, flower street), 廟街(temple street), 女人街(ladies market). 花园街 is the least touristy. If you are shopping the other two markets, be prepared to do some hard core bargaining and wait for them to drag you back. Watched a lot of this kind of drama at 廟街, 女人街.
I enquire about girl's school bag for my niece. Not sure about the quality differences.
花园街- hk$59
廟街- hk$150
but do remember the other two places can be cheaper if you are a good bargainer and enjoy bargaining.

I prefer flower street for the shoes and also I am not really into bargaining.
But is nice to stroll at the other two, may find things that you like and I do like to watch the bargaining drama.

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