Monday, December 3, 2012

Hong kong : Jusco living and convenience store 7-11 and k circle
Just like daiso in singapore. Most item are hk$12 so is slightly cheaper than s$2. They have more variety as they have other pricing.
Bought some simple toys for my nieces and some miscellaneous but light stuff.
I went to one in between mongkong and yau ma tei.
For Yau ma tei MTR, exit by A1 and just walk in the direction of the traffic.
Will take around 5-10minutes.
Address : 3/F, Chong Hing Square, 601 Nathan Road, Kowloon, Hong Kong

 Their selection of instant food just put Singapore to shame.
I do need to buy some food at 7-11 as I need to rush around for work.
The selection is not good and the price is not as good too.
Quite cute, they called it "ding a meal".
I did try out the mexican chicken wings, it was good. Tender and juicy.

 Mexican chicken wing. More food and drinks avaiable at K-circle or 7-11.

Interesting snacks.
Curry snow peas?
Kiwi Jolly Sandy?
Almond Toblerone? 
and battery powered heat packs.

K-circle has some UNO promotion going on. We get to pick some lucky draw with every hk$20 spend. It was quite fun as we won 2 packets of Haribo sweets and free tissues with UNO designs with any purchase.
I bought the Criton Ice cream, it contains bits of Critons. I love it as I prefer icecream with fruity flavours.
Puccho( like hi-chew but more interesting) has so much more flavours. Buying for my students to try it out.
The magazine Jessica, cost hk$20 was giving out free MCM pouches. So we bought a few.

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