Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Hong Kong free and easy : The scenery Day and night.Avenue of star

 STar Avenue and symphony of lights.
I went in the evening so it was a bit hard to appreciate star avenue at that timing as it was too dark. 
Caught the symphony of lights at 8pm and enjoyed the beautiful night scenery.
I think they have special version for christmas or new year which should be more interesting.
Either get off at Tsim Sha Tsui East or Tsim Sha Tsui and walk over. 
From Tsim Sha Tsui, access via the underpass of Sheraton. They have quite clear directional signs.
One reason I visited here for the night lights is because I did not want to spend the time and effort going up the peak. 

 This ferry is for longer distance like travelling to Macau or zhuhai.
 Cloudy day. Even the building is in the clouds.

 We saw a helicopter
 The ferry. The is not enclosed so enjoyed the breeze.

 Clock tower
Took the ferry from Central to Kowloon just to catch the beautiful scenery.
Just a short ride like 5-10mins.

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