Friday, December 7, 2012

hong Kong : Ap Liu street 鴨寮

Step out to Ap Liu street and you will find stalls selling handphone cases and screen protector. I am not sure about the quality but the price and variety seems good.

We went up the 北河街市政大廈, it was a wet market.
You see live chickens, vegetables and fruits.
If you are not into this, just walk at ground level.

There are almost no shopping for clothes and shoes here.
Good for Buying fruits, vegetables, pastries and dried goods.
Trying to understand the cantonese.
Dried Starfish for sale.

Lots of dried goods for sale.
Dried oyster, mushrooms, fish, cuttlefish, sea cucumber, ikan bilis and a lot more.
Quite amazed at their collection of dried goods. 
their dried shrimps have small, medium, large. 
As big the prawn we see in the wanton in Hong Kong. (bottom right photo)
They even have  dried duck wings. (middle right photo)

Lot of bakeries.
My parents bought the wife's biscuit from here and I enjoyed my mango desserts

Garang Guni?
SEcond hand market.

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