Saturday, December 8, 2012

Hong Kong free and easy : Huang Da Xian (黃大仙) Immortal Wong

 My parents 
One main reason for visiting this place. My dad wanted to.
Huang Da Xian (黃大仙) aka Immortal Wong
Just take the train to the station and follow the signs.
walk out of the station and you can spot the temple quite easily.

The place is not very big but not very small. Can spend around 30 minutes if you want to explore the whole place. Definitely need more time if you are going to take lots of photos or praying. It was drizzling when I was there but there are still a lot of people praying.
There is a small garden at the right side of the temple.
See the baby dragon and that hand. Everyone seems to be touching it and so we joined in. haha.

 Sumo hands. Much bigger than me and my sister's hand

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