Thursday, December 13, 2012

bangkok: Chatuchak Weekend Market JJ MArket Shopping and Food

Food at Chatuchak
Lot of fried foods and snacks stalls. 
Fruits and Ice cream.
Coffee, bubble tea and lame soda :D
Find them a bit overpriced.
Did not try most of them.
My interest was bubble tea, iced coffee and ice cream as the weather gets a bit too hot.

Try the food stall during my previous. Was not impressed especially when I realised that the pork in their salad is suppoed to be medium raw.

I suggest going Chatuchak in the morning like 9am when the weather is still acceptable and the crowd is still manageable.
 At 1pm, I usually will leave as the weather gets unbearable especially the sheltered area tends to trap heat.
Take the train to to Chit Lom BTs or Kampaeng Phet MRt. Taxi is not really advisable as the traffic jams in bangkok can get quite bad. How to walk there? Just follow the crowd.. haha..
Chatuchak don't really have large discount or bargaining options.
The key word is wholesale, and ask them on the number of pieces to buy for wholesale and the price they can offer.
Wholesale can range from 2-5 pieces and the discount can be quite substiantial like 50% off the price quoted.
I try understanding the Chatuchak map but it just get me confused. I just walk around until I see segment selling clothes and I start exploring the area. There is a newer area near to the BTS, the clothes are also not bad.
I think is a bit difficult to get back to same shop again unless you have fantastic navigation skills and also it wastes a lot of time. Just buy whatever you like if you think the price is right. Price difference is usually not significant even if you find another shop selling the same thing and most likely you won't.
HAve fun shopping :D



Dresses? Accessories? Shirts? Sunglasses?

Soooo much things to buy

They are loofah, essential oil, soaps..

Something of normal..
Chopper? Sword or figurines?

Not very crowded

 For the kid in me. Voodoo dolls and toys
Does that tell the story of guys?

Spice up the house?
Lamps? Napkins?

Clock tower

How do i cart this home?

 A bicycle at the ceiling as decoration??
Just right below the king is JYJ.
Kpop taking over bangkok too.

After visiting Chatuchak, can visit this market 5 minutes walk away.
Or Tor Kor market

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