Friday, December 14, 2012

Bangkok free and easy : Shopping and eating Or Tor kor Market

Just beside Chatuchak MArket
Walk to MRT  Kamphaeng Phet 
Opening hours : 6am to 10pm
Suggestion : Go there for lunch after Chatuchak shopping
Do not follow this sign board. They pointing to the wall.. haha.
just go by the mall underpass and follow the signs.

Fresh fruits and begetables.
green vegetables at the right corner.

 Roast meat and vegetables
 So many fruits to choose from.
Pink eggs..
Garlics.. there is one place a vampire will stay away from

  Snacks? Chips? Cuttlefish? biscuits?
 The cooked food. 
 Crispy currypuff..
Colorful Desserts
Is that chin chow?

   SEafood? Lot of mixed vegetables rice stalls.

   Tao sa bing.. 
Claypot seafood noodles
What I ate for lunch.
Mixed vegetables rice with clams and green curry.
Duck noodles
Pad thai
and pomelo, comes with sugar..
 Dried Shrimps.. 

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