Thursday, November 29, 2012

Hong kong airport transfer and sim card 3G and non-3G

Counter to buy Octopus card. There are two counters available.

If you are bringing your parents, there is a senior citizens card for aged 65 and above. They get to travel at half price.
Can be used to calcuate cost and time of each ride.

If you are taking the bus, just turn right after this and walk down a slope and turn right and all the bus including A21 can be found there.

More information.

I bought the hk$48 for my dad as this contains no 3g function and is the cheapest.

For people interested in the 3g sim, can try one2free. I believed is the cheapest around at hk$88
It is better to ask them to activate the 7days unlimited internet access before you leave the counter, it will cost hk$78 and the remainder hk$10 can make around 100 minutes of phone calls. They have one hour and one day package but is just not worth it.
Hkd $78 for 7 days unlimited
Hkd$28 for 1 day unlimited
Hk$8 for 1 hour unlimitedGood if you are travelling in a group. Can always keep in touch.
Remember to bring extra phone for sg sim card, just a normal hp without 3g will do as whatsapp with singapore number can be used even when you insert the hk sim card.
top up voucher of denomination of hk$50 or hk$100 are available at the counter.
I don't think is necessary unless you intend to have lengthy chats.

go to the departure hall, 7th floor, lane G, IOIO shop. Arrival hall is 5th floor, so just take the lift or escalator up to the 7th floor.
just ask for the hk$88 sim and ask the person to activate the 7day unlimited internet access. If you don't activate this service, the 3G service is going to cost you a lot and the value will be gone.
More information.
Hong kong 3g sim card

Update: My friend bought Sim Card at hk$60 from chinamobile. Is much cheaper at less than hk$10 per day for unlimited and balance can be used for calls. However, the network is 2G, so it will be slightly slower. Will be good if you want to save money and don't mind the slower network.

Remember to grab some maps on the way out. Sometimes the hp seems to have problems loading and hard copy come in useful.
Is good to get a 3g sims as can use to do research on the various locations opening hours and how to reach the place. Use the map app available in most hp to plan the walking route. Hong kong MTR station has a lot of exits so it is very important to get out from the correct exit.
Can download some free and useful maps on your hp.

Find this very useful for trams or ding ding che travel. just download it.
Hong kong Tram map


Anonymous said...

hi, peoples has prepaid card has unlimited gprs available at hk$9 per day / around $30+ per week / $78 per week. better deal than one2free.

AuntiEtoE said...

Is the almost the same.
Differences is one2free basic sim is hk$88 and peoples sim is hk$98.
I remembered checking with, it was slightly more expensive than one2free too.
One2free is also hk$78 per week unlimited. Peoples do not have 3G Sim selling at the airport when I last enquired.
I bought their super talk prepaid Sim card for talk time only for my dad.
And I tried buying 3G Sim at 7-11, they don't understand my chinese or english.

AuntiEtoE said...

But I am just talking about normal sim, not sure about price of about micro sim.