Friday, July 26, 2013

Korea: yeosu free and easy part 2 : Yeosu expo, Manseongri beach, Yeosu sky tower

Random shots

We went in the morning so it was empty.
Have to drive through this cool single lane tunnel to reach the beach. That is the only natural rock tunnel in korea. so if another car is coming in from a distance, one of the car has to shift to the side.
The black sand has two tone. I wonder whether one has too much and was burnt.

Explore Yeosu Expo but i was raining.
 A good place to explore as it is somewhat considered indoor.
The staff there tried to help us but they do not speak English and do not have English brochures.

 Odongjae from yeosu tower

View from Yeosu expo tower.
It was quite easy to match the building to the outline at the window.
After the viewing tower, we were send to second floor to catch a short show before we exited from Yeosu tower

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