Sunday, July 21, 2013

Korea free and easy : odongjae hanok hotel at yeosu expo

Odongjae Hanok hotel
Although is not really within our usual hotel budget, we decide to give this place a try.
Firstly, it was hard to look for accomodation at Yeosu. Secondly, I wanted to stay in an Hanok for this trip and lastly, our accomodation in Busan is cheap so the money can be used to pay for this hotel.
The place is around 10 minutes walk from Yeosu Expo station, as it is somewhere up a small hill.
It is advisable to take the taxi up (cost around $3-$4) and walk down when necessary..
If there is a need, the hotel can call a cab for you, additional charges of 1000 won.
My first impression of this place is that it is so new and beautiful although it is a traditional hanok.
The staff are polite and speak good English.

The room consist of a living room, bedroom and a toilet( shower, facilities and sink are separated).
The room is clean, new and beautiful. The bedroom is a bit small but the living room is quite big. Hence, there are ample spaces for our luggages and clothes. Bed is comfortable.
There are air-con and heater. However, the instructions are in Korean so you may need help in operating them.

I was quite satisfied with the toilet as I am worried that the toilet will be in traditional style too.
The water pressure was good and the toilet has shelves for toiletries.

The view is good both morning and night. 
Can just sit out with coffee or wind, relax and chill.
I went in May, sat outside at around 20 plus degree with a sweater and a bottle of raspberry wine... :)

For those who are driving around Yeosu or Korea or Suncheon, there are parking lots available.

There are two different ways to walk down to the station. One is through the brick stairs at the back of the hanok. You will be able to see Yeosu expo station and the sea.

 another way is walk from the main entrance downslope and turn left. There is a school and a playground. if you have a kid along, you can bring them to the playground.

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