Thursday, July 25, 2013

korea free and easy: Yeosu sightseeing part 1 Jinnamgwan Hall Odongdo Island

View from the hall.


Jinnamgwan Hall
Entrance is free.
We reached there by cab as it is only a 10 minutes ride from our hotel.
The place is quite small. Around 20 minutes if you taking photos and reading the signs.
There is a small museum which also take around 10 minutes but it really depends if you read in depth or take photos. There are English explanation.

Opening hours:
Winter season: 09:00-17:00
Summer season: 09:00-18:00
The place is close to the shopping street.
There are some cafe and restaurant which you can go in for lunch.
The cafe has english translation but the restuarant usually does not have english translation and english speaking stuff. Chinese is not available too.
We ate raw crab that is  5 minutes walk from Jinnamgwan Hall.

Walk over to the scenery we saw from Jinnamgwan Hall.

We took a cab down too to Odongdo. Around 10 minutes.
It was a bit hard communicating with the cab driver. We show him the map.
Yeosu's cab drivers are very friendly.
There are stalls selling snacks.
Beautiful wild flowers.

A signboard recommending the ten favourite food in Yeosu

You can choose to take a tram or stroll in.
The Camellia tram is quite cheap. i think around  500won for adults .
I will suggest talking the tram. It is a new experience and save the energy to explore odongdo island.

Some people to take a stroll..

The musical fountain.

The lighthouse

The view from the lighthouse

Exploring Odongdo Island

After we exit from Odongdo Island, we saw this.
At first, we wanted to visit another scenic spot for sunset.
but we were worried there was not enough time.
We decide to walk up to pavilion.
It is a bit quite except for a few people and some joggers.

Night view of Jinnamgwan Hall and bridge.
We took the cab back to shopping area as we were looking for a place for dinner.
There was no restaurant around Odongdo Island and our hotel

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