Friday, July 26, 2013

Korea: Free and easy : Yeosu yummy food

We decided to try a traditional meal for our very first meal in Yeosu.
I read about it online and the person say the mail is delicious.
The shop is 5 minutes walk from Jinnamgwan Hall.
We were a bit lost so we did ask the 7-11 staff for help.
Some restaurants in Yeosu has the menu displayed at the entrance of the restaurant in English. It was due to the Yeosu Expo in 2012. However, the people there do not understand English.
Barley rice is barley and rice mixed together. Add a bit of korean seaweed and is ready to eat.
To me, the rice is good.
The raw crab, the sashimi and the soup was all too fishy for me and my two friends. As a person who loved to get sashimi in Japanese resturant, Not really recommended unless you don't mind fishy.

The famous food in Yeosu.  We did not get to try most of it because we did not know where to find them. Maybe I should have called 1330. We did go to the fish market, however it was close to closing time so we did not dine there.

Was looking for a decent restaurant to dine in. It is near the shopping area. We were having difficulties deciding on the restuarant because of the lack of English menu and I do not take beef.
We decide on this funky looking little restuarant.
They have the standard pepperoni and cheese pizza.
They also have interesting combination like chilli shrimp and sweet potato.
The pizza are quite value for money as it cost around $10 for a small size. Enough for 2 person.
The pizza are freshly made and the ingredients are generous.
The sauce are also yummy.
We could not finished two pizzas, we took part of it back for next day breakfast.

 Enjoyed the cool weather and the little balcony with a bottle of black rasperry wine. This can be found in other part of korea. This is one the sweetest wine I ever tasted.

Supermarket for breakfast or snack to fill your empty stomach while you are trekking at Odongdo Island.

We wanted to try this on the first day. But the shop was closing and it seems to be packed with locals.
This is also around the shopping area where the restaurants are located, is like few hundred metres from school pizza.
We went on the second day. This is the first time we see Duck Bulgogi and it has an English menu.
It cost 35000 won. The extra was for soju and rice.
The staff and boss does not speak english so we did our point and order
It was duck, spring onions, prawns and mushroom. We just look at how other were cooking the duck and we just followed.
A woman seated beside us guided us on mixing the chilli sauce with some seasoning and helped us in ordering the soju.
The serving is just nice for 3 for 35000 won. 
After eating the bbq, they will serve the duck stew with side dishes.. You can order rice to go with the stew.
The staff are very busy, it was quite hard to get their attention. We were lucky that the woman seated beside us helped us.
Enjoyable meal and the food is delicious.
Try it if you are at Yeosu

Cafe in Yeosu.
We told the cab driver to send us gs25 as we spotted this cafe while taking the cab to Jinnamgwan Hall. He was amused at our destination.
The cafe opened around 10pm.
The environment was cozy and beautiful.
The friend love her whipped cream as they added some caramel or honey it.
I love my toast with almond and canberries. The almonds were toasted golden brown.
The bagel was good too.
Definitely worth a visit if you looking a place to chill out and eat while in Yeosu.

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