Monday, July 29, 2013

Korea free and easy : Suncheon Garden Expo Suncheon Bay Eco park

Souvenirs Shops
There are a few of them around, I notice one at the rainbow bridge and one at the entrance.


 We explored indoors.. This place appeared in one running man Episode.

A short show.

Ecological life in Suncheon.. 
Real animals..

Caught a 3d show

That is what we saw before we bought the free shuttle bus to the ecology garden.

The free shuttle bus to Suncheon Bay Eco Park

Entrance of Suncheon Bay eco park

We tried out most of the stuff but Some of the equipment are not in working condition and the place is so empty. 

Suncheon Expo Bay Eco park is not as big as expected. The main attraction is the green landscape, and the crab and mudskipper in their natural habitat.
We were given a stamp before leaving suncheon expo.
Not those high tech glow in the dark
but they stamp partial on our hand and partial on the ticket.
Inside the rainbow bridge are cute drawings by kids.

The swing look so cool


One side of the rainbow bridge was pretty with trimmed grass patches and flowers, the other side is just grass.

Traditional korean performance

What happen to the roses?

I am not sure if the some of the roses are naturally in this state or a bad dye job?

walking to the bus stop

I like the Eco life I saw, like the crab and Mudfish.
I like some of the video show too.
The place is a bit big and confusing, we try to follow the map or the signboard but at least we end at going nowhere. We walked a long period of time for short distance as mentioned on the signboard and short period of time for long distance. It dampened our mood and interest.

The scenery is beautiful at times. but not always. I think the nicer scenery as I seen from facebook photos is usually from some high angle. 

I think wild roses look prettier. Some of the roses look half dead.
They like to mix random vibrant flowers together, at first it looks beautiful but just get bored of it.
I was hoping for more creative display of the flowers.

The most frustrating thing is lack of English instructions and brochures. Sometimes we wonder if we should continue on the same path, information give maybe wrong.
Most of the staff or almost all don't speak English.
We asked about the bus to Yeosu Expo at least 5 different groups of people, even those with supposedly can speak English could not help us.
At most, they can only give us a rough idea.
No one can give us clear directions or timing.
In the end, we took the public bus and KTX back.

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