Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Taiwan Taichung Fengjia 逢甲夜市

Welcome to Taiwan

 Taoyuan Airport

Ubus ticket to the HSR station. just follow to signs and walk to the counter.
We collect our HSR ticket at the second or floor, prebook as it is much cheaper.
We also bought a 3G sim card at the airport. Just walk left and you will see a few counter. Bought the 7-days unlimited internet.
Remember to ask them to activate the card for you before you leave. It will be troublesome to call and activiate.
There are several different packages for unlimited 3G internet for 7 days, it costs 500 NTD around 20+ sgd.We decide to stay at Taichung for the night as it was too late to travel to Alishan as we arrived at 7pm. Took a train to taichung . We wanted to visit Taichung is because we heard about how interesting fengjia night market is.

Tomato Hostel. Very big spacious. There is a living room.
We took a free shuttle bus from HSR to fengjia market, the bus took around 30-45mins and  we walked 10-15 minutes to tomato hostel. 

 Some of the food at fengjia.
There are so much food to eat!
Some shopping too.
However, it was a weekday so it was not very crowded.
convenience store

Breakfast catering mostly to students who study at fengjia university

Fengjia university

 Our free HSR shuttle bus to HSR to take HSR station to catch our train to Alishan (Chiayi)


Jas said...

Hi! I'm going to taichung in May. Like to check where do you get on the shuttle bus from fengjia night market heading back to taichung HSR?

AuntiEtoE said...


I cant really remember. should be around where Adidas shop is from the photos, opposite watsons. There is a bus stop with the signboard.
you have to cross the road as it is not at where fengjia is, is on the other side of the road.
The free shuttle bus is for people taking the HSR.

Anonymous said...


Is there a luggage compartment in this free shuttle bus?

AuntiEtoE said...


there is but not a lot

thanks and regards