Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Taipei Day 1 free and easy : Danshui Melange cafe and shilin

Took the HSR from Chaiyi to Taipei

At the train station, topping up our youyou card or ezlink card

Our complimentary youyou card from Taiwan Tourism Board.
Can visit the Taiwan Tourism board in Singapore before travelling, gifts may differ.

Behind our hotel,  at Zhongshan station there is a famous dessert store 米朗琪咖啡館MELANGE CAFÉ. Need to queue like half an hour before getting a seat. 
However, they have a number system which means you can shop around while waiting for your turn.
The food was good, not very sure is because we were starving that day. The price was not cheap, just average as it come up to tw1210 (sg60) but we did ordering quite a lot of things.
The best item should be the waffles with the strawberries..

It started to rain and it was very cold at Danshui,淡水. The place seems like a ghost town at night. Maybe because it was raining and it was 8pm. We took a bus to Danshui and 

took a train to Danshui lao jie before walking to the train station.

This can also be found at shilin.

Danshui lao jie 淡水老街
The place to snack. The grilled scallops was good and cheap with a lot of interesting flavour.
We tried a muay chee made from milk, it was interesting and not cheap.

Danshui lao jie 淡水老街

We took the train to Shilin market because it was the night is still young and it was near to Danshui

A lot of food. Eat what you like. Eat till you can eat no more. 
There are games stall for people who need the exercise after all the food.


always amazed to see Singapore food overseas.
some of the food does not seems to be from singapore.

There is shopping to be done too.
Took a cab back as it was after midnight and there was not train available.

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