Tuesday, October 30, 2012

dinner time

since 1946, so bought interesting flavour to try out.
There was yam, muah chee, red bean and a lot of other flavour
Bought some snacks back home to try.
First was the tapioca. I quite like the taste of it.
Second, 奮起湖火車餅. Good as gifts as the packaging is good. 
third, was barbecue pork.

Taking at stroll in the garden again. There are so many beautiful flowers.
We had persimmons as we requested the taxi driver to bring us to a place to buy fruits. The minsu owner volunteer to help us to cut up the fruits when we wanted to borrow a knife and do it ourselves. so nice of them.

奮起湖 鐵路便當

There are variation of chicken and pork and there are different side dishes. To me, 3 of them tasted good.

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