Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Taipei Day 2 free and easy : Taipei 101 countown 台北101跨

One of the main reason we visited Taipei is because I wanted to attend their Taipei 101 countdown concert as it looked so cool on TV.
and I do like to experience new year countdown in different countries.

Just got out off the train station and follow the crowd.
We reached around 6+. 

some of street permanences and events

Balloons and lightsticks for sale.
Samsung was giving off some free lightsticks at the exit of the train station

Taipei 101 as we were walking to the concert area.

We reached around half an hour before the concert started. We can not really see the artists stage clearly but we can see the screen clearly. Most important is to get a good spot to enjoy the fire works. 
As it was crowded, it was quite warm. I bought heat packs but there was no use for there.
Remember to eat your dinner, visit the toilet and travel with as little things as possible. We stood there from 6pm+ to 1am, we only bought our phone, camera and some money. 
It will be hard to go back to the same good spot if you go out to visit the loo.
It did get a bit boring in the middle, we still have our hp to entertain us. 
Expect some pushing and rude people. A girl standing behind me was leaning on me and trying to push me so I will move nearer to the stage and so will her. But there was this big guy in front of me and if I lean forward, my head will be buried in his back.
I had my own quiet ways to deal with her :D and she did give up pushing me in the end and push some other people and manage to move near to stage.
There was Mayday, Magic Power, Della, Da Mouth, Van Fan, Cindy Yen, Aska Yang, Jeremy Liu , grasshoppers and a lot more

taking a photo

all ready for the countdown. Politicians, stars all ready

 almost here..

Am quite pleased with my photos as I did not have a tripod and my camera is not a DSLR. 
The finale, show luo..
was able to get closer to stage as some people left after the countdown

The leftover mess.
I was so hungry. There were some convenience stores and stalls selling food but not a lot.
I bought dougnuts, Then I bought more food at the convenience store near the hotel.
It was hard to get a taxi. We took a train home.
There was a huge queue outside the train station but everything was orderly.

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