Monday, October 29, 2012

alishan- more sightseeing 奋起湖

The cab driver pick up as after Alishan recreational Area.
Lunch at a restaurant recommended by the minsu owner. Love the soup

Fen qi hu 奋起湖
Lots of interesting food and snacks to try out. It is just a short stretch of road.
food and snacks
There are tea, century eggs, sausages  and wasabi and lot of black sugar products. Only manage to try out a few items because lunch was too heavy

Quite famous. found this online and check with the minsu owener where to locate it.
Inside has mushrooms, shrimps and meat.
Try it :D

Black sugar Muah Chee
Not too sweet, not too chewy.
I like it

recommended by 食尚玩家

it has spring onions, vegetables, pork bloss and the beancurd has been braised. quite interesting and good

 Some of the pretty sights


星空xin kong

Famous lunch boxes. There are a lot of variations. One from the train station, one from hotel and one recommended by the taxi driver.We bought 3 different ones to try it out. The minsu owner offered to heat it up for us. T

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