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10 Delicious Food You must try in Hong Kong

Here are some of the recommendations

1. Dim Sum

Dim sum are traditional chinese snacks or refreshment.
I consider this a must eat whenever I am in Hong kong. This is suited for the whole family as there are steamed and fried items, savory and sweet items. There is something for everybody. And the Dim Sum is better quality than most Singapore resturants

There are available at all sort of price to suit different budget and preferences

Tim Ho Wan. The cheapest Michelin restaurant, most people will visit it as it is also wallet friendly.
Lin Heung Tea House, which is in a more traditional settings. You may have to share tables, and you see Hongkongers reading the papers and enjoying their breakfast or tea. The dim sum are serve in trolleys and it gets a bit challenging to order as the staff speaks cantonese and are really fast in showing or explaining to you about the items
For more on Lin Heung Tea house,

Luk Yu Teahouse 陸羽茶室, the oldest tea house in Hongkong. It is also a traditional dim sum place with pushcarts. Compare to Lin Heung Tea House, the food are more expensive but you can a quieter and organised environment. There is no sharing of table. 

2. Mango Desserts

There are  a lot of shops selling mango desserts in Hongkong and several of them opened branches in Singapore. For example, Lucky Dessert and Honeymoon Desserts. I feel that they just taste better in Hong Kong.
The reason of its popularity is its generous servings of mango and also the mango are sweet and not sour.  The Durian desserts are also quite popular.

Lucky Desserts
Great place to eat after shopping at Mongkok.

許留山Hui Lau Shan
Lots of branches especially at Mongkok .
One of the most famous branch.
Best for summer, a refreshing mango drink on the go

Cong Sao Dessert 聰嫂私房甜品
My latest finding. This place is quite small and cramped. Expect to queue and share tables.
To me, the desserts are on par or better than the Xu Liu Xiang. The mango ice has a strong mango flavour, must try for mango lover. The durian pancakes was creamy and delicious.
I will definitely visit this place again. 
11 Yiu Wa St Causeway Bay
Walking distance from Times Square at Causeway Bay MTR
Hours: 1230pm to 12am.

3. Wanton Noodles

The differences between Singapore and Hongkong WAnton Noodles.
 Wanton is Hongkong wanton are big and filled with prawns and meat, Singapore one is small and compact with pork only.
Hongkong Noodles are not more chewy and tougher.
More efforts are put into the soup base for Hongkong Wanton Noodles as it is usually eaten with soup.
Singapore Wanton Noodles have Char Siew (pork slices) and vegetables, Hongkong ones only have Wanton and spring onions.

My vote definitely goes to Hongkong WAnton Noodles, even though is pricey than Singapore Hawker Version. I like the fat juicy Wanton with the springy and chewy noodles. 

A Must try.

4. Milk Tea/ Yuen Yang/Toast ( Food at Cha Chan Ting)

Cha Chan Ting is the Hongkong Traditional cafe. For cafe hoppers, you can try Cha Chan Ting hopping. There are some Cha Chan Ting with very nice interiors.
Different Cha Chan Ting are famous for different food items.  
The famous food at Cha Chan Ting includes their milk tea, Yuen Yang (coffee+ milk tea), egg tarts, polo buns. Not one Cha Chan Ting serves everything so you do have to make a few visits to different places to enjoy all the delicious foods.

For example, Lan Fong Yuen for their milk tea but their food taste great too which is one of my favourite. 
KAh Wah Cafe for their polo baos which is my sister's favourite.
NOte: you may have to share tables at Cha Chan Ting and their menu seems a bit confusing at times.
Ding Ding mian means instant noodles. 
Yuen Yang (coffee+ milk tea)

The Famous Lan Fong Yuen

5. Desserts (High tea)

Hongkong has a wonderful selection of Hotels providing high tea. After the Cha Chan Ting hopping, go for some small and delectable desserts.
I have not been to a lot of high tea in HongKong due to time constraints, but if you try googling. There are so recommendations of interesting and delicious hight tea in Hongkong. Sometimes they work together with brands like cath kidson or laudrees to create an more interesting concept and yummy food.

6. Porridge

Hongkong is famous for their porridge too. Their porridge are thicker, full of flavour and lots of ingredients. It taste more like the Sin Heng Kee porridge and Hugange.

The photo does not do justice to the porridge and the ingredients (pork) is really a lot.

7. Street Food

  Hongkong has its own unique version of street food.
The most famous or infamous will the stinky tofu. You can smell the distinctive smell even when you are steps away. Try it if you dare. I tried but it is not something to my liking
The one that kids will love will be the egg waffle or ji dan zan, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. It is sweet and fragrant.
The other famous street food includes the curry fishball and the fried intestine. There are stalls selling them around Hongkong. You can find most of them at Mongkok..
The grilled squid is something I don't see around Hongkong but the one at Mongkok taste real good.Worth trying.

8. Roast Duck, Roast Pigeon, Roast Goose, Roast Pork and Soup

 Hongkong is also famous for their roast delicacies. Definitely must try unless you are very health conscious, then just have the soup. I love the roast delicacies, I usually don't take too fatty roast pork as it has a weird taste but the roast pork here just taste too good to resist.
There are many shops selling the roast food items. The most famous is the Yung Kee at Lan kwai Fong, which is slightly pricier. I havebeen there, did not leave an impression.
There are a lot of shops in Hongkong selling at a reasonable price.

My favourite is Keung  Kee as they also serve delicious soups. The photo below is the hk$64 set meal, ordered 3 sets but is enough for 4 person.

9. Claypot Rice

Hongkong is famous for their claypot. The most famous one I know about is Hing Kee the temple street, it is moe like eating on the street.. The trick to eating claypot rice is to wait for no one, just add the sauce and stir. Don't add too much as the taste is irreversible  and if you wait too long to stir, the sides will be very burnt.

10. Pastries/bread/cakes

Hongkong great bakeries too. The most famous will be for their Lao Po Bin and Po lo Bao.
However, that is not the only thing that is nice.
I like Maxim chiffon cake, a soft but not heavy texture.
Their cakes are pretty and delicious too, bought one random and not very expensive cake for a birthday celebration. Everyone enjoy the cake. 
Some random bakery at Sham shui Po
A cool and modern cafe which sells breads and cakes. 
Traditional pastries.

Other than Lao Po Bin, they do have other pastries at the local bakeries.

If you are in Hongkong for a stopover and you can only eat at one place, I will recommend Sweet Dynasty.
There serve Dim sum, porridge, Wanton Noodles, desserts.
The standard may not be as good as places specializing in each of the food but is above average and you get to try almost everything. 

There are still a  lot of interesting food to try in Hong Kong, their milk desserts or their Bi Feng Tang crabs. The 10 items are just some of the delicious food that I will try to have every time I visit Hongkong. I may not go to the same shop for the food every time as I do want to try something new and explore new food. Even the Macdonalds, yoshinoya and KFC serve different food items that is worth trying.
Hong Kong is a food heaven, it is very difficult not to bring back extra weight.
Hope this help in planning a faboulous food trip in Hong King.

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