Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Hongkong free and easy : Lamma Island

How to get there:
Took a train to Central and walk to the ferry terminal.
Take the ferry from Central Pier 4
The frequency of the ferry is between 20 minutes to 40 minutes
The fare is hk$17.10  for adults and hk$8.60 for children and senior citizens from Monday to Saturday.

The fare is hk$23.70  for adults and hk$11.90 for children and senior citizens on Sunday.
Better to go on weekdays as it is less crowded and cheaper. 

The map at the merry terminal. The ferry will bring you to Yung Shue Wan

Reach Lamma Isalnd. Weather was a bit dull that day, but the good thing is that the weather is very cooling and not sunny. 

We turn right as there is the direction where everyone is going.
That is the side with more attractions and eateries.

 You can grabsome local produces and maybe some fruits to eat along the way

We went into a Cha Chan Ting that was quite crowded. I think it is a safer bet. The restaurant is famous for red bean dessert drink and the rice with fried fish and bean curd skin. This is the first time I seen this kind of rice set on a menu, the food was quite delicious. My mum ordered fried noodles, Singapore style, which means with fried noodles with curry powder. The red bean dessert drink is a must for anyone who love red beans, look at the amount of red bean. 

If you are into cafe hopping, there are also a few cafes for you to choose from.

There is a lot of eateries at Lamma Island, not just seafood restaurants. If you are worried about being overcharged at seafood restaurants or you are allegeric to seafood. There are a few cha chan ting and cafes, even shops selling pastry. Don't have to bring much food but do bring water. However, do control your water intake as toilets are not all over the place

Good Place for the ootd or for instagram

We walked from from Yung Shue Wan ferry Terminal to Sok Kwu Wan Ferry TERminal. and took the ferry back from Sok Kwu Wan Ferry termainal.
We skipped the Lamma Power station because it seems too far and the slope looks steep. 
The walk or trek has ups and downs (slopes). Wear good walking shoes as it takes around 4-5 hours from Yung Shue Wan ferry Terminal to Sok Kwu Wan Ferry TERminal.

Time table for ferry from Sok Kwu Wan to Central

Some one decide to set up a stall at a junction selling batik shirts. Hope his business is good. 

There are starfruit trees, banana trees around the island. Great place for city kids who does not have a chance to get close to nature.

There pit stops along the way. That was toilet and sell some light refreshment. This was somewhere before Hung Shing Yeh Beach. I think they are famous for their soya bean curd.  I only tried the grilled sweet corn. They used pearl corns,  the corns are a mixture of white and yellow. This type of corns is sweeter and more expensive.

View from the pavilion

 The rafts

Some tips:
Try to go early if possible and finish the walk around early afternoon before it gets hot and sunny.
Apply sunblock and also bring a cap and sunglasses if possible.
Check the weather before you travel if there is forecast of heavy rains, will need to postpone the trip.
If you someone who may get seasick and will vomit out your breakfast, you can grab a heavy brunch here before setting off for the walk. Then eat some snacks along the way. I don't see as much eateries at Sok Kwu Wan. And after the trek, can head back to Central for a early dinner.
Bring water but do not overdrink. I only know toilets are available at the beach and near the ferry terminal.
Good walking shoes are a must.
If you intend to hang around the beach till evening, then bring extra attires
There are quite a number of slopes, not for elderly who can walk long distances. There is no turning back so once you set them on the track, they have to keep walking. That is the case for my dad. He have to force himself to continue walking because we are somewhere along the middle when he felt like giving up. It is around 7km. We do not mean to torture him, we did not know there was so much slopes. He did receive a lot of support and love.

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