Friday, April 8, 2016

Save on travel with ShopBack: Expedia promo codes and cashback

As a frequent traveller, saving money on trips is very important to me.

More savings in air tickets and accomodations means more money for shopping and good food.

And don't we all love the feeling of being smart and accomplished because you get a better deal then anyone else?

I have been using Shopback for around a year. When my friend told me about it, I rolled my eyes and have my doubts. It is too good to be true - are there any hidden terms and conditions like administrative fees and etc? However, the savings was too tempting for me to resist and I thought there was no harm giving it a try. That wass how I start using Shopback.

Using it was a breeze, it can use for a lot of online merchants and the list keep increasing. Some of the merchants that I tried using Shopback on are Zalora, Lazada. Zuji, Expedia,, Asos, Taobao and a lot more. I have unknowingly accumulated more than $200 of cashback credits!

Reasons why I recommend Shopback

It is very easy to use. Just click on the link to the online shop to make your purchases and you can start accumulating your savings.
There are no hidden administrative charges, and terms and conditions.
There is a summary of workable discount codes. (you know the hassle of googling for discount code but to realise most of them are fake or expired)
The Shopback credits can be transferred to your bank account with no hidden charges
Shopback can be used concurrently with discount codes.
They are really organised and nice, they will send you an email once your Shopback is credited to your account.

I will be making a trip to Melbourne in 1 Month.

The airtickets cost:

Flight Booking Price including Taxes, Charges, Payment and Service fees (SGD)$1,950.60
Emirates Airline Airfare from Singapore to Melbourne (Tullamarine)
3 Adult Airfare(s)$1,548.00
Taxes & Surcharges$402.60
 Booking Fee$90.00
Discount: By Applying Coupon LUNCHTIME20$(20.00)
Booking Price including Taxes, Charges, Payment and Credit Card Fees (SGD)$2,020.60

Rebate $16.33. And I am still allow to use the discount code. Double savings!!!

Rebate of $29.36 and still allow to use discount code!!!

So for my trip $45.69 not including discount code. Cant help feeling so smart. Not just feeling. I am really smart.

How to join Shopback

1. Click this

2. Create an account. $10 bonus for signing up. :D

3. Search for the online shop, click on it. Scroll down for promotion code.

4. Click on shop now and you can start shopping and saving.

5. There will be an email sent to inform you of your savings after you make payment.

6. Just wait for the money to be credit to your account and you can transferred it to your own bank account.

If you find my instructions unclear, take a look at Shopback Tutorialvideo for a step by step instructions

Therefore for the best deals, do your online shopping at ShopBack.

And for those travellers like me here is the link to find the list of travel merchants!

Here is the link to more offers on travel bookings from online travel merchants such as Expedia and Agoda.

And for those who are not into travelling but just love food and cooking, you can try getting the ingredients with cashback at Honestbee!

I was invited to do this review by ShopBack

However, the information is personal and true. Extracted from my own accounts. Do not copy and use them without permission.

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