Thursday, February 6, 2014

PAris free and easy : RAndom shots and accomodation and some notes on travelling

We chose to stay in a rented apartment rather than a hotel.
Firstly, we realized it was very hard to find a hotel with good reviews or maybe we were picky and we booked quite late. Some were too small, too expensive or location was just not good or there was no free wifi or it was old.
So after doing a lot research, we decided to rent an apartment which has bed room, living room, kitchen and toilet. There is big bed, a big sofa bed, and fully equipped kitchen. We had a lot more space and no my friend say the sofa bed was big and comfortable.
The negative part about staying in an apartment is there is no housekeeping, no fast response as the owner is contactable by phone or email, we had to climb a flight of stairs up. The door was not like the standard Singapore door, we had to ask a neighbor for help to open the door and we practiced to get the hang of it. It was fun. Do not note that some apartment do not have air conditioning.
The plus is the space. We also can eat breakfast in the hotel room which was much cheaper than eating out and sometimes, we were just to lazy to crawl out of bed. Is quite important to have a good breakfast when travelling because sometimes we have to skip lunch or have a late lunch because we are in the midst of travelling or sight seeing that we cant afford the time to sit down for a meal. We only have time for some snacks. We usually just grab any interesting snacks from a supermarket.

Train ride from London to PAris

Paris is a beautiful place. Some of the shots are just taken randomly when we stroll from place to place.
If you are taking the metro, remember the tickets can be bought in set of 10. It will be cheaper, however the tickets tend to be faulty so just go into counter and ask for replacement.
Avoid standing at corners because they are usually for the reason for the stench in train station.
I met some helpful people in Paris. One couple even use their google map to help us locate the shop for duck confit. Not as arrogant as what people rumored but I do have a bit of problem with their accent at times.

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