Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Chiangmai free and easy : Chiangmai night market

My hotel Dustin D2 is just beside the night market. 
Although is not right smack in the middle of it, a minute walk will take you to the night market.
Just a word of advice, do not eat at the food court nearby. The food is expensive and is really bad. 
There are a lot of stalls selling handicrafts, food, t-shirt and also fake stuffs.
Can take your time to walk around as price and quality can differ.
Usually the stalls not at the main street offer a cheaper price so less bargaining is needed.
The main street is usually more expensive.
Prices in chiangmai compared to Bangkok is dependent.
My dad thinks Bangkok shopping is much better for men's shirt as is cheaper, not sure whether there is a difference in quality.
But i know scarfs and some of the handicrafts are slightly cheaper in bangkok.
My guides told me the weekend market will the cheapest but I was not in Chiangmai during the weekend so I can't comment much on that. If you are going to weekend market, check out the price.

Food stuffs like bbq corn, snacks and sweets.

Sometimes is just good to walk around and admire the items. Make from ropes.

If you are tired, just order fruit juices. You can pick your own combination of fruits and all the fruits are added in. No hanky panky.

Cute but not edible hair accessories.

Just love the vibrant colours

So cute.... 



 Panoramic View

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