Thursday, February 6, 2014

Paris free and easy : Food and restaurants

Lot of bakeries and cakes shops. Just walk into anyone and order some cake or bread or a nice breakfast or teatime.

LAudree also serve a lot of other beautiful desserts..

The two famous macroons. Not really a big fan of it, just them for curiosity sake. If you are not a fan, just skip it or buy one or two to try. But we have Laudree In Singapore.
Lots of branches in Paris so just visit one to your convenient. 
But don't try to bring it back to Singapore as it usually can't be kept for long.

We went to two food outlets recommended by Shi shang wan jia (食尚玩家).
The first one is a duck confit shop around 15 minutes walking distance to our place.
I think is closed on Sunday.
The food has slightly above average, we ordered wine as in Paris, wine is quite cheap. It is less than s$10 per glass. I can't remember how much it cost, we each order a duck confit and some wine so it should be around $30-$40 per pax.

Au Pied de Fouet (duck) Sasa
45 Rue Babylone, 75007 Paris, France
3 Rue St Benoît, 75006 Paris, France
96 Rue Oberkampf, 75011 Paris, France

The second food outlet recommend by Shi shang wan jia (食尚玩家).
There was a small queue of locals and foreigners when we were there so we waited around half an hour to be seated.
This restuarant is famous for serving reasonably priced france food
We ordered quite a bit of stuff, like 3 appetizers, 3 mains, 1 bottle of wine and 2 desserts.
I cant remember the price but should be less than s$50 per pax.
I will not really recommend this place.
The appetizer and desserts was ok but the mains are quite bad.
The chicken was dry.
The steak which my friend ask well done was so tough that we had to help her cut it as it was so tiring and tedious to cut up the meat.
The environment will be a bit of like food court style as it is big but tight and noisy. But furnishing is definitely much much better than a food court.

Le Bouillon Cartier
7 rue du Fauboug Montmartre • 75009 Paris

We actually wanted to try crepes but because the one we researched on was not located so we randomly walked into a restaurant. Food was average so not a need to post an address. 

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