Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tips on booking airfares

I usually travel with my sister and my good girl pal.
We decide the location a few months beforehand and we will be on the lookout for airfares promotion. Sometimes it can be a few hundred dollars difference, so keep a look out. Subscribe to airlines newsletter and scan through advertisements in newsapaper.
Websites I usually visit.
Individual airlines website.
We always do a thorough comparison we make any booking.

Some of the budget airlines promotion are not suitable for me as I can only travel during school holiday period as I worked as a tuition teacher.

I have no preference over budget or normal airlines as I have my own personal entertainment unit, my cowon video player which can last me for a few movies and my handphone. The leg space can be a bit restricting, as I slightly above Singapore women average height. I just try not to fidget that much. I don't mind not having any food, because when I reach my destination, I want to indulge in food.

Personally, I am not suitable for overnight flight as I am not able to sleep. I will be very tired and grumpy the whole day. On the other hand, my sister and friend sleep like a log on plane, think is economical as we can start the day once we land in whichever foreign land. Good for people who can sleep on plane.

We are also quite easy going over the choice of airlines, whichever is cheaper and to us trying out a new airline is some sort of an adventure. Is fun. Some airlines we try once and we will never go back. Some airlines are worth going back to like KLM.

Stopover. Some airfares are cheaper because there is a stopover. We will do a comparison on the extra time and the money saved. For example, if stopover will extend the travelling by an hour or two and the savings is in hundreds. We will do it

Take note that budget airlines may not always be cheaper, normal airlines can be cheaper or only a bit more expensive. Budget airlines do charge for luggage and it can get quite expensive so enter all details for a clearer price comparison.
Some budget airlines, for example, tiger airways offer and discount for check in luggage if you are an ntuc fairprice member.

We are quite money sensitive as we love travelling and saving money will allow us to make more trips and longer trips and shop more.

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