Sunday, November 11, 2012

korea Free and easy (Jeju) : Itinenary

Summary for people who are not interested in details.

2010: First trip to Jeju with friend and sister
Arrived at Yeha Guesthouse by Taxi.
Took a taxi to nearby shopping area and just walked into a shop for barbecue black pig
Breakfast by Yeha.
Dragon Head Rock
Iho beach
Jeju Dongmun Traditional Market.
Jeju Jungang Underground Shopping Center
Abalone Porridge
Tae Gong Gak
Teddy museum by cab
Barbecue black pork
Breakfast at Tae Gong Gak
Jeongbang Falls 
Yongyeon Pond
Sunrise peak
Sea women
Gimnyeong Maze Park
Manjanggul Lava Tube
Dinner at authentic Korean restuarant
Cheonjiyeon Waterfall
Supermarket shopping
Tea and desserts at cafe

Recommended. Good walking shoes. All in house, sunrise peak, maze park and lava tubes required a lot of walking. I almost resort to crawling my way out of the lava tubes.

2011: Second trip to Jeju. Family trip
Flight to Jeju
Tae Gong Gak
Lunch at Korean restaurant
Jungmum Daepo coast
Jungmun Beach
songak mountain
Yongmeori Coast and reconstructed Hamel
Jeju glass castle
Jeju green tea museum O'sulloc Museum
Yakcheon Temple
BBq black pork
fresh food market
Jeongbang Falls 
Yongyeon Pond
Sunrise peak
Jeju Folk Village Museum
Sangumburi Crater 
Jeju Stone Park
Chinese food
tangerine harvesting at hotel

more information
Yakcheon Temple, Cheonjiyeon Waterfall
Jeju Folk Village Museum, Jeju Stone Park
Sangumburi Crater , All in house
Jeju glass castle and Jeju green tea museum
songak mountain, Yongmeori Coast and reconstructed Hamel
Jungmum Daepo coast and sunrise peak
Jeongbang Falls and Yongyeon Pond
gimnyeong maze park and lava tube
Haeyon Sea woman
jeju shopping
Jeju wet market
Jeju food
teddy bear museum
Jeju accomodation
Seoul to Jeju
Dongmum traditional market, Jungang underground shopping, Iho beach, dragon head rock

Be prepared to walk a lot. Good walking shoes are very important
Jeju is a beautiful place, lots of places with beautiful scenery.
I love the wet market and good.
I think the jeju glass castle is quite an interesting place.
Breakfast is provided at accommodations I stayed.
As I booked a taxi tour, itinerary is to my preferences. My taxi tour is cheap but the english of the driver is not good.

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